How to add Flatsome Product On-Sale End Countdown

how-to-add Flatsome Theme Product On-Sale End Countdown

Recently one of my client had a requirement and in this post I’ll show you how to add Flatsome Theme product on-sale end countdown.

When you place a product on-sale for a cheaper price, you would possibly need your customers to be ready to see the initial price, so that they see the value comparison. To demonstrate a sale price your product need to incorporate actual price and sale price.


Luckily, Flatsome Theme has a countdown module and it can be added to any page using shortcode. In below code I added comments to explain [ux_countdown] shortcode usage, the first is for Admin side and 2nd is to include within functions.php or in custom plugin.

My client requirement was to add the countdown timer for products on-sale. When the product sale time ends it will not display anymore. It adds the counter for Simple & variable products. If you have set different sale-end time for each product variation. Below code will update the counter according to selected product variation.

Add the following code to functions.php file to add Flatsome Theme product on-sale end countdown.

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