Display WooCommerce Discount to Customer for Product on Sale

In this post I am going to show you how to display WooCommerce discount to customer for product on sale. Sometime when a product is on sale, you want to show total discount to customer on Cart & Checkout pages.

Product Price or Regular Price or Retail Price all are the actual price of the product. The Sale price is a temporary price when a specific product is on sale. The below image “You Saved” section displays the total discount amount.

WooCommerce Discount

WooCommerce get_cart() function holds all the data of products added to cart. Call get_cart() function and loop through it to get individual product details.

The get_sale_price() function fetches product sale price and get_regular_price() fetches product actual price.

Add the below code to child theme functions.php file, it displays discount on cart and checkout pages for product on sale.

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