Create WooCommerce Custom Accounts Page

Last Updated : April 15, 2020

In this post I am going to show you how to create WooCommerce custom accounts page. We will create a new accounts tab and a page linked to it.


Create New Account Tab

We will create a new tab “CI Custom Endpoint” and assigned it to the items array. Our custom tab menu function will be hooked to woocommerce_account_menu_items. The logout menu tab is passed to unset() function because we want our Custom Tab before it. Later again Logout tab is added to the items[] array to display it in the end .

Create WooCommerce Custom Page in Accounts Panel

Flush Rewrite Rules

We need to register a new endpoint in WordPress using the add_rewrite_endpoint() function.
Also register it using the query_vars filter. Endpoints are an extra part in the site URL that detect and show different content of page.

Custom Accounts Page

In last step the ci_custom_endpoint_content() function includes custom page and is hooked to endpoint. The code within this function will display tabs data. You can add code directly to function or can add a custom page. The page my-custom-endpoint.php is added within theme directory, it can be added to custom plugin.

Add the following code to the functions.php file

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2 thoughts on “Create WooCommerce Custom Accounts Page”

  1. Hello Sir,
    I created a Page called “ADD PRODUCT”. The page has a Form that allows signed in users to post WooCommerce Product from the Front End.

    So I want to Add an Endpoint to my Woocommerce My Account Page, and the endpoint will be called “Add Product”.

    Now when this endpoint is clicked, I want it to open the URL directly or the Page directly where I have the form. The page is

    Please, how do I achieve that?


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