Best WooCommerce Customization Practices

Last Updated : April 15, 2020

Best WooCommerce Customization Practices

In this post I am going to share the best WooCommerce customization practices. The greatest benefits of WooCommerce is its flexibility, code and content can be changed to suit the store. There are hundreds of plugins available to add new functionalities.

Never edit the core WooCommerce plugin code, when a new plugin update is available. After updating you will lose all the customization done. There are two best WooCommerce customization practices to follow when making site tweaks.

  • Theme
  • Plugin

Using a Child Theme

If you want to modify the CSS, then the best option is to use a child theme to preserve customizations against future WooCommerce updates. There are two ways with which you can customize.

  • WooCommerce Template in child Theme:- Create “woocommerce” directory within child theme and add same directory structure as in WooCommerce Core. Add template file to it and do required customization. This will override the core template and any modification after plugin update will not effected.
  • functions.php Code Snippets:- The code snippet add or remove some functionality. You need to be very familiar with WooCommerce Hooks (Actions & Filter). The snippets added in functions.php are attached with hooks. Without hooks the code will not do anything. Here is a complete list Action and Filter Hook Reference

Using a Plugin

There are numerous plugins available right now for WooCommerce customizations. The available plugins are quite flexible, CSS or custom checkout fields can be added or removed. Below are some of famous plugins.

Custom Plugin
The custom plugin is added when you want to alter or add some checks on core functionality of WooCommerce. e.g When the needs are like checkout page modifications or upon $500 purchase a special discount is given to a customer.
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