7 Things You Should Never Do With Your WooCommerce Store

Last Updated : December 11, 2019

If you are a WooCommerce Developer then you must have to agree with me about these “7 things you should never do with your WooCommerce store”. A store that loads slow, definitely loses prospective customers.


7 things you should never do with your woocommerce store

I have seen people with passion of starting online store fail due to insufficient information about the current trends. In recent years the web has been totally changed, it was a different thing 5 years ago. Now to stay within the competition, you have to know everything to be successful.

Below are the list of 7 things you should never do with your WooCommerce store, I’ll go briefly on each of them.

  • Never customize core WooCommerce plugin files
  • Never use heavy theme
  • Never use extra plugins
  • Never use slow hosting
  • Never use heavy product images
  • Never customize theme core files
  • Never hire cheap unskilled WooCommerce developer

1. Never customize core WooCommerce plugin files

WooCommerce is a flexible eCommerce system. But to customize its core files you need good understanding of what you are doing. As the WooCommerce Plugin is updated after couple of weeks on regular basis. If you customize the core files then after updating, all hardwork goes in vain. So the way is to follow the best practices.

Here are some links

2. Never use heavy theme

A visitor on average will wait for 3 seconds on your store to load. If its slow then definitely you will lose your prospective customer. Slow sites are ranked lower in google search results.

Always try to use a theme that is fast and doesn’t contain too much extra codes. The best WooCommerce themes are

3. Never use extra plugins

It’s important to notice, the WooCommerce store only have the most necessary plugins. Otherwise there are many disadvantages of using extra plugins.

  • Site will be slow
  • Conflicts with plugin or theme
  • Uses extra hosting space
  • Because of outdated plugins, you can’t update WordPress CMS
  • Security Issues

4. Never use slow hosting

Gone are the days of slow web loading, now users expect websites to be very fast. If pages load slower than expected, it has a negative impact on your visitor. Before finalizing a hosting company a proper online research is required, you have to check their customer reviews.

You have to check what type of site you are building, sites are normally small, medium and large. A good shared hosting provider will work for small or medium sites. But for large sites you have to go with Dedicated, VPS or Cloud Hosting.

5. Never use heavy product images

The unoptimized images are usually the most common reason behind slow website. While loading images with high resolution it consumes lot of bandwidth. It also increases the overall size of website.

Now a days most of the visitors are mobile based, image size must be correct and optimized.

Before modifying, make sure that you’ve picked the best image file type. Below are images types you can use:

PNG – is a higher quality image and has a larger file size.
JPEG – You can adjust the quality level for a good balance of quality and file size.
GIF – It’s the best choice for animated images but only uses 256 colors.

6. Never customize theme core files

With the latest update of theme, all the customization done in core theme will be lost. For the best practices always use a child theme for parent theme customization. With child theme you will be safe, when you updated the parent theme to its latest available version.

Here are you can check more on creating child theme
WordPress Official Child Theme Tutorial

7. Never hire cheap unskilled WooCommerce developer

Are you going to hire a local developer, always check the good rates for a skilled developer. Otherwise don’t take a start until you have sufficient money.

In freelance world hiring at Upwork or other platforms is a different story, sometime it works great or not. You may find someone for long-term around $10/hr cheap and highly skilled WooCommerce developers from Pakistan, Philippines, etc.

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